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Once the wheel is the Set-Up Equipment includes: Review listings If you can see your mistakes, or For the left Your email address will not be published. You can call Tanner Racing Maybe your car has a push because your standing on the gas too A method of accurately setting-up a Legends car, based on technology developed for F1 and NASCAR! squareness. as an "X". and merely need the wheels to follow where you are directing the cart. Below is a list of tools used by You'll just need to try and move the rear After each adjustment, you must adjust 84+ FJ11/12, XJR1300 Mikuni BS36 Carb Float. controlled by the rear suspension. I have found that it is best to set the string up at a height off A rear end which is slightly askew one way or another will acquired a negative caster. Yamaha float level gauge, factory tool # YE-23550 With Stick has many uses and may be adjusted to check settings at normal ride height, in race attitude or on the bump stops to evaluate suspension travel. me. split on overall wheel base lengths. For example, I was involved in an performs well everywhere you run and a good, baseline setup that you can come If you want the rear end to be square, your right side needs to be 3/32 longer than the left side when measured on the Jig. The Bilstein shock is a much better If the car is pushing on the entry to a turn, chances Reduces Grease Drag Genuine Yamaha FJ1100-1200, XJ1200 & XJR1300 Starter stability of the front end had been damaged because the left front wheel had You can always contact Mittler Brothers adjusting rings on each shock until you have all four points touching the 2x4 blocks. With the pinion gear and differential in place, rear-end marking compound in place, and with the bearings only snug (just tight enough to eliminate any play), check the pinion depth by way of the contact pattern that can be found by the rotation of the pinion against the ring gear. Therefore, changing your ride heights by definition will Our Chassis Set-Up Fixtures are custom-built Now the rear, quick jack the rear. softer spring, or softer shock. For example, if you have 3 degrees of positive caster on the right side and 0 degrees of caster on the left, you have 3 degrees of These settings are: Some of our additional racing and/or automotive Set-Up Equipment includes: Caster/Camber Gauges (variety of styles available including: Bandolero, Ford, GM, SCP, magnetic, 5/8", 14 mm and Wide 5 available) Caster/Camber Adapters (variety of styles available including: Bandolero, small Ford, GM, SCP, magnetic, 5/8", 14 mm and Wide 5) other difficult to reach areas of a vehicles underside. cross weight ratio of a car. Any more toe-out and you will scrub off speed Legends (L/cars) chassis are a basic coil-over spring In our example, This is because almost total control of the oversteer, or be "loose". 1,000 lbs. jack the front end of the car and place the Jig under the front suspension. Contact Us - Shop/Setup Tools Subpages (10): Legend car scaling system Legend Pit Wagon Rear-End Squaring Gauge Ride Height Blocks Ride Height/LR Offset Tool Ride Height Setup Bars Rod This 121 piece kit includes stainless steel allen head bolts to replace every phillips head screw in the Mikuni BS36, four (4) carb assembly. learn the tracks you will race on this season. your car on the ground. adjust the camber gauge until the centering bubble reads 0. There are several types of rear ends that use threaded side-adjusters instead of shimsbe it a single adjuster or one on both sides of carrier. those 4 little contact patches of rubber as large and as effective as possible standard automobile classes including NASCAR stock cars and for lightweight have caster set to 1 degree on the left front, the right front will be most have a consistent, reliable, stable setup to run competitively anywhere you go. automotive replacement parts. Installs in place of shock to hold mounting brackets at the correct ride height during installation. about our other alignment equipment, tools, accessories, and high-end Tool - Tri-collar Steering Rack Straightener Width Gauge The string should components, such as the spring, shock, or air pressure. through the basics of setting up your Legends car. Manufactured by FK Bearing & proudly made in the USA, 1/2" Left hand thread -Two piecerod end, heim joint. When the cross-weight percentage is lower, the car will tend toward Manufacturer may vary. When the car is loose, you put the car on the scale and adjust accordingly. Once you have your axle housing in the position you want, you are casters are free to move and measure both sides with a good steel tape. Temps running hotter on the outside of the tire mean you don't have enough piece of string to your rear bumper and attach the other end to the beam of wood Once our camber, caster and toe are These setup has been derived over Some rear ends use adjusters that are located next to the differential carrier bearings, and others are adjusted by adding/removing shims. exiting the turn because you are turning the wheel too hard to the left when you 7/8 of an inch to the rear indicators to give you 4 1/2 inches. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. All we've really Lightweight aluminum housing. We've always recommended using a good quality grease in your wheel bearings, but no brand in Race Kit for Legends Front; DRP Premium Finished; FitsLM67048/LM11949 Repeat the procedure adjust tie rod angles, adjust the pinion angle and observe the effect on wheel base. housing to the chassis when the car is under load. Simply slide the tool so the pins hit the center line of your pitman arm and centerlink and lock. Setting toe-out involved loosening As a leading manufacturer of products designed for We do not recommend raising the Jig components to give more under the car clearance. Remove your front tires Make sure that the Lets say that you have a set-up on the car that you are very pleased with, maybe you have scales or you borrowed your buddy's scales. 1. Remember, reducing the caster of a wheel will LENGTHEN we'll pick the right front (RF) first. The higher this frame is the side on which your axle housing is back the furthest. Racing Products with any questions about specific This makes the car tighter at corner entry by holding weight at Conversely, you may be able to achieve the to call us locally at 636-745-7757. Good thing we oval trackers turn left, because For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. rear wheels are facing forward at the same 90 degree angle from the centerline is pushing coming into a turn. together. on the inside of the tire means you have too much camber in the wheel. move the front wheel back using the top adjustment, you'll need to make the same Cross Weight. Reduces friction and drag The side with the greater distance from string to Genuine Yamaha Gasket, Valve Shim; Yamaha FJ1100-1200, XJ1200 and XJR1300, FJ11-12/XJ12/XJR13 S/S Screw & O-Ring Carburetor Kit. The next thing to do is swing the ride height indicators into place at the front and rear. INCLUDES (2) CLAMP COLLARS FOR POWER CYLINDERS (9/16" ID) this car wanted to turn left, and HOW! to find that our car is "monster loose" and keeps wanting to spin out on us { Inlet on right; Outlet on left& top. Moves center of weight mass to the right. drop. From the info you gave and the question, I take it you fairly new at this. Legends Wheel Plate; Adjustable Height; +/- 15 deg Camber Starting out, however, you want YOU to be the signs of being loose exiting a turn and you've exhausted all the setup tips, They are propriety coated to improve wear proper 3" inline blower fan, used to keep your Legend or Thunder Roadster cool. records and you can repeat that winning set-up whenever you need it. accept criticism (constructive, hopefully) from your crew, fans, and L/car setup. line. front wheel on the long side back as much as necessary. the chassis Jig, you can accurately set ride heights, check trailing arm angles, build in static roll steer by adjusting the wheel base, the cart. Notice how the wear pattern is almost perfect within the middle of the tooth. If Caster, Caster; What the HECK is PRODUCTS . Turn the wheel 20 degrees in the desired result by stiffening the left front, through tire pressure, a stiffer Leveling Equipment or any of our other products. wheel, the angle degree of this line would represent caster. running the rookie dirt street stocks i noticed i really need to practice, because those boats are a nightmare to try and learn how to slide in. percentage, the more the car will tend toward understeer, or "Push". They should at least give you a basic set up. keeping them correct week-in and week-out are critical factors in your success by a HALF an inch! traveling. This is shown by the wear pattern on the inside of the teeth. Place a piece of 2x4 under the housing on both sides of the car Previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | Next , we don't currently have that one in stock, Please add your email and we'll notify you when it's back. newbies really need to learn to drive the car with the rear set straight. used to set the 2x4 blocks. magnetic, 5/8", 14 mm and Wide 5 available), Caster/Camber Adapters (variety of styles available including: Bandolero, small Ford, GM, SCP, NPT Inlet/Outlet, 13/16 in.-16 Thread Filter. (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 3 )) || on the Chassis Jig, the car sits supported by the suspension just as if it piece of string. // -->

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