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America Has a Love Affair With Exclamation Points!

Crazy! Lol!! Super!!! In a nation of ecstasists that uses expressions like great to describe everything from a cup of coffee to a night’s sleep, it isn’t surprising that these cute punctuation marks—called “bang,” “wonderer,” and “screamer”—pop up just about everywhere to denote an unrestrained enthusiasm, though some see them as gendered expressions of emotion…

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Can you eat Dairylea when pregnant?

Are you expecting a baby and wanting to know if it’s safe for you to eat Dairylea? Pregnancy can bring about many changes in your diet, so it’s important to ensure everything is safe for the health of you and your unborn child. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to clarify any confusion surrounding…

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Is Bertolli olive oil spread good for you?

As more and more research is confirming the health-promoting effects of olive oil, many people are turning to Bertolli olive oil spread as a way to boost their wellness. But when it comes to this product, what exactly do you get? Is it truly good for you or is it just another marketing ploy? Should…

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Can Oat Porridge (Oatmeal) Cause Constipation?

With more and more people realizing the benefits of eating a healthy, balanced diet, oat porridge (also called oatmeal) has become an increasingly popular food. Not only is it easy to make and full of essential vitamins and minerals, but due to its high fiber content it can help encourage digestion as well. However, does…

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Yakult vs Actimel: An In-Depth Comparison

When it comes to probiotic-enhanced dairy drinks, two of the most popular brands are Yakult and Actimel. Both products offer many of the same health benefits, however, there are a few key differences between them. It’s time to shed some light on these key differences and determine which one might be the better option for…

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Simple Lifestyle Changes to Eliminate Joint Pain

If you are struggling with joint pain, your daily life might be affected in more than one way. Luckily, you don’t have to succumb to regular physical discomfort! Instead, it is possible to get relief by making simple lifestyle changes that will help reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling. Although addressing the underlying causes of your…

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