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How to build a referral network with confidence

Everyone needs a team. As a health coach, you can become an expert in multiple areas: nutrition, behavior change psychology, fitness and athletic performance, stress management and recovery, and more. However, no matter how many certifications you earn, you’ll invariably encounter clients with progress-blocking problems you don’t have the skills, training, expertise, or legal right…

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How to know you’ve found a good health coach

Reviewed by Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD Once you decide you want to work with a health coach, finding the right one goes beyond checking off a list of qualifications. How do you know if you’ve found the best health coach for you? What are the qualities of a good coach besides the obvious credentials?…

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The importance of personalizing your fitness and nutrition program

Reviewed by Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD A personalized fitness and nutrition program is the antidote to one-size-fits-all, generic advice. If you’re tired of trying programs that just don’t fit with your lifestyle or preferences, a personalized program may be what you need to get—and stay—on track. We’ll explore what a personalized coaching program includes,…

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11 reasons to work with a health coach

Reviewed by Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD You can learn everything on your own… right? In other words, between books and free online articles and videos, what’s the point of working with a health coach? Well, there’s a few points… A health coach offers unique knowledge and insights that can help you in ways you…

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How to do hand portion math to track your macros

Reviewed by Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD There are so many ways to track your nutritional intake. It can seem overwhelming to pick an (accurate) method that works for you. That’s why we’ve developed the hand portion method. It simplifies nutrition tracking in a way that’s accessible to anyone—and can suport any of your health…

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