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Four-Day Work Weeks Are Good for Your Health, a Large Study Finds

February 21, 2023

A four-day work week improves employees’ health in numerous ways, from reducing anxiety and stress to enabling better sleep and more time for exercise, according to a large new report. “It genuinely has, even with our academic skepticism, been a really positive outcome,” says report co-author Brendan Burchell, a social sciences professor at the U.K.’s...

How Going Green Can Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle

February 20, 2023

Going green is something that’s open to interpretation; for some people, it involves reducing their reliance on plastic packaging and for others, it is eating locally grown food. Whatever going green means to you, it can’t be denied that greener lifestyles are healthier ones. Individuals who begin living more sustainably are undeniably happier and healthier...